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Along with our pediatric specialists, our office offers patients (and their families) the orthodontic support of Dr. Jack Dunlevy. By working closely with Drs. Wood, Lombardozzi, & Eddleton, Dr. Dunlevy’s team is able to address the unique dental needs of your child. Through a shared commitment to our patients, our teams aim to deliver quality dental care that’s convenient for your family.

Dunlevy Orthodontics

Dr. Jack Dunlevy is passionate about oral health and holds a Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Government from Harvard, and a Master’s degree in Orthodontics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His particular areas of interest are those relating to jaw growth in children and the development of health policy. Staying true to his roots and in pursuit of his passions, Dr. Dunlevy has been practicing orthodontics in Midlothian, where he lives with his wife and three sons, since 1987.

Why Choose an Orthodontist?

Though your child’s pediatric dentist may be able to identify many developmental irregularities, Dr. Dunlevy is a dental specialist whose primary training and focus revolves around the identification and correction of crooked teeth and misaligned jaw structures. As a certified orthodontist, Dr. Dunlevy is trained to spot subtle problems with jaw growth and tooth development early on—even while baby teeth are still present!

When is Orthodontics Recommended?

While orthodontists can help patients improve the look and feel of their smile at any age, Dr. Dunlevy’s team likes to see kids as soon as possible so potential problems—such as tooth or jaw development—can be spotted early. Early visits to the orthodontist don’t always mean braces right away, but it does give Dr. Dunlevy and his team time to familiarize themselves with the unique needs of your child and help you choose the best time to start any necessary treatment!

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